Re: renaming datafiles

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 02:56:07 -0600
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Can't remember such a parameter.

However, it is worth noting that ALL (documented) init parameters are documented in the Reference manual for the version in question. This is true back to 8i at least.

For 11gR2, the manual is at

The '{DB | LOG}_FILE_NAME_CONVERT' are for any database, including clones (and not just standby), as implied by the statement "You can also use DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT to rename the datafiles in the clone control file when setting up a clone database during tablespace point-in-time recovery." found in


On 15/06/2015 7:53 AM, Howard Latham wrote:
> 11.2.4
> there is db_file_name_convert which renames files for standby but I AM SURE
> there used to be a parameter ? FILE_NAME_TRANSLATE ? that translated
> file names for non data-guard databases. But I cannot find it ! Am I
> missing a page of the manual?

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