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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 20:29:56 -0700
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How do you get the never if instances added and deleted each week from EM?

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> On Jun 11, 2015, at 4:35 PM, Hans Forbrich <> wrote:

>> On 11/06/2015 10:13 AM, Manjula Krishnan wrote:
>> Management is requesting weekly database reports. What kind of reports can I provide without being too technical? What tools/scripts do you use?

> Find out WHY they want the reports. If they can not tell you, assume it is because they want justification for your job, at which point they want:
> - how many instances; how many instances added/wiped this week;
> - how many applications (and owners)
> - how many users; change in user count; time used to do that;
> - how many backups, restores, flashbacks or partial recoveries; time involved
> - how many outages; time involved and brief summary how resolved;
> - how many performance issues; time involved and approach to resolve
> In most cases, technical stuff from the AWR is of limited interest although it does make for good pictures.
> All of the above can be obtained through OEM CC
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