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But also, on the off chance they have something really useful in mind:

  • Do we have enough horsepower to handle our expected growth? A day by hour map of your workshifts (could be complex, but a simple example is, say, customer facing interactive load 5 AM-10PM Monday-Saturday, routine batch services crunching 10PM-5AM Monday-Friday, weekend jobs and maintenance Saturday 10 PM - Monday 3 AM, re-warming routine work cache Monday 3 AM- 5AM) Graphs of your actual load (at least CPU, Storage IOPs) versus your expected maximums (system by system, service by service) Size (Disk acreage usefully available versus in use, replacements available and a chart of MTBF and stuff like that) as well as a growth rate projection of when you'll need more

(All these graphs should forecast erosion of headroom for a given resource over time.)

Factor in your expectations that DBA and Devops may improve the efficiency of code, workshifts, and separation of jobs that interfere with each other to stretch out the sufficiency of existing hardware. If you can stretch your existing hardware to defer replacement WITHOUT failing to meet service requirements, you will likely get a better future deal on the replacements. (See Moore's "Law").

Of course you need to collect data to produce these reports. Some of it you can get from AWR, but it would only be of interest to management if put in the context of planning and percentage of the time you're likely to meet service levels desired.

Depending on how bold you are you might consider prompting your management that these are the types of reports they should want to make a capital plan and prepare for growth; they might develop a clue that you and your team, in addition to protecting the corporate jewels (data and service capacity) can help them be more profitable.

They'll probably also ask for all the sort of stuff Hans listed.

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On 11/06/2015 10:13 AM, Manjula Krishnan wrote: > Management is requesting weekly database reports. What kind of reports > can I provide without being too technical? What tools/scripts do you use?

Find out WHY they want the reports. If they can not tell you, assume it is because they want justification for your job, at which point they want:

  • how many instances; how many instances added/wiped this week;
  • how many applications (and owners)
  • how many users; change in user count; time used to do that;
  • how many backups, restores, flashbacks or partial recoveries; time involved
  • how many outages; time involved and brief summary how resolved;
  • how many performance issues; time involved and approach to resolve

In most cases, technical stuff from the AWR is of limited interest although it does make for good pictures.

All of the above can be obtained through OEM CC



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