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Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 17:12:49 -0700 (PDT)
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Sorry, Mladen, there are a number of points where you are just flat out wrong. You CAN monitor non-Oracle stuff with EM12c, it's been around for years so it's NOT a newcomer, you CAN write your own plugins, I could go on...

PLEASE if anyone wants to know the capabilities of EM12c, ask someone who knows the product, like me, rather than listening to this rubbish spouted by Mladen.

If I pissed you off Mladen, too bad, you need to understand it's better to tell the truth than just write stuff that's is flat out wrong. I know that will cause you to rubbish me and send lots of email about it, but I can tell you now I will be ignoring all of it.


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On 05/27/2015 07:08 PM, Jeff Chirco wrote:
> Sorry if this has been discussed before but before I ask my Oracle
> Sales rep (who wont know they answer anyways) is there any licensing
> issues with monitoring a Standard Edition database in EM 12c? I have
> my Enterprise Edition databases in there but I would like to schedule
> my backups for SE from EM. I would also like to get alerts when they
> go down.
> Thanks in advanced.
> Jeff

I would suggest classic monitoring solutions, like Zabbix or Nagios. You don't need any diagnostic packs and you can also monitor SQL Server databases, Exchange, network services and alike. Plugins are written in Perl and can alert you if your database goes down. OEM 12c is a nice newcomer but still not quite comparable to the classic solutions. As for scheduling backups, any centralized backup suite can do that. Commvault Simpana certainly has a centralized scheduler, but so do some of our competitors. OEM 12c is excellent if you can utilize Diagnostic and Tuning pack on every monitored instance. If you only have Oracle databases and if it's all EE, OEM 12c is an excellent solution for you. If you have MS Exchange servers, SharePoint web sites and SQL Server databases, you will need a separate monitor. Whether that makes sense or not, depends on your business strategy. Please note that OEM 12c is also free for use, until you start using alerts or looking into performance. This is not a price based comparison, this is just an opinion: OEM 12c is not a comprehensive all in one monitoring suite like Zabbix or Nagios. You can't send SNMP traps to it and you can't write your own plugins.

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