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There are also plaid kittens, too.

In the past, I have had systems with several listeners running from multiple ORACLE_HOMEs. I don't recall the exact reason now, but it was probably something to do with needing to support clients running all versions from Oracle7 to 10gR2 connecting to several databases on different releases.

Somewhere, I probably needed an 8i listener to allow Oracle7 clients to talk to an Oracle10 database.

Whatever the reason was, it was a *long* time ago. But the possibility always exists for multiple listeners running from multiple homes, all on the same server. (These days, its most likely going to happen as the result of some peculiar security policy/) *find / -name listener.ora -ls*
is probably a good place to start, where this could be the case.

On systems with a usable /proc filesystem (or maybe even *lsof*), you may be able to locate the correct listener.ora files used by the executing listener processes -- but that assumes the listener does not close the config file when it is done reading it. (I don't have my hands on a running system right now, so I can't check.)

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> On 13/05/2015 1:18 PM, Mladen Gogala (Redacted sender
> for DMARC) wrote:
> On 05/13/2015 02:04 PM, Hans Forbrich wrote:
> [oracle_at_gandalf ~]$ *cat $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora*
> What happens if you are using grid control? I would replace
> $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin by $TNS_ADMIN. I always define TNS_ADMIN in the
> .bashrc.
> And I set the ORACLE_HOME using oraenv - which includes the OH for ASM.
> And, for me, always has a manual entry pointing to the listener. You do
> have a valid point - for people who use TNS_ADMIN.
> We could go on for days about the proper way to determine which OH is used
> for the listener, or indeed which listener is/should be used. That,
> however, is a kitten of a different colour.
> /Hans

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