OT: Tom Kyte’s career advice for Oracle beginners/Fourth international SQL challenge/Using Twitter to get a jobū

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Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 11:57:48 -0700
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The May 2015 issue of the NoCOUG Journal can be downloaded from http://www.nocoug.org/Journal/NoCOUG_Journal_201505.pdf Gwen Shapira's story of how she got a job using TwitterC.J. Date's argument that "eventual consistency" of NoSQL is compatible with the relational modelThe fourth international NoCOUG SQL challengeTom Kyte's career advice for Oracle beginners If you've never attended a NoCOUG conference before, I can get you a free pass to the NoCOUG spring conference on May 21 at UCSC Extension Silicon Valley. The PayPal director of database infrastructure is presenting on database technology trends and the data architect at Intuit Small Business Group is presenting on application and database scaling. Riyaj Shamsudeen is presenting on RAC and In-Memory internals. Iggy
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