Direct NFS and ZS3

From: Fernando Jose Andrade <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 17:09:19 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Hi All

I´m implementing some T5 server with a ZS3 storage. The disks are shown to the server as LUNs and then to the ASM, this configuration works. But as far as I know the optimal configuration for ZS3 storage is to use DNFS I was wondering two things:
1) if I use DNFS then I must use OS files and skip de ASM or I can/should/must use ASM?
2) This is a RAC with two nodes, as far as I know the OCR/Voting can’t be configured as DNFS ( files ) but since I plan to use ASM it is posible?

Thanks for any help with this configuration.


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