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I am starting my first project using Oracle on Linux having done Oracle on Windows for years and VMS before that. I found “The Linux Command Line, A complete introduction” by William E Shotts, Jr. Having only used Unix in a couple of courses decades ago, I am really starting from scratch.

So far I have been very happy with it. It has enough information about commands that I don’t have to go to the MAN page (way to much info for me at this point) and it is in the context of related commands so I can learn something extra with each thing I look up. The last quarter of the book is on writing scripts. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but expect it will be good given what I have used so far.

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There must still be more than a few platforms where bash is not available (by default). There are probably also more than a few where it can be optionally removed (e.g., to "harden" the system). Sadly, lots of places won't let you install things like bash (or sometimes even ksh) in production environments, and those who are wise will forbid in development (most of) what is forbidden in production. If I had a dollar for every site I have been at where I was unable to install bash or ksh or emacs ... well, okay, I'd probably only have enough to buy a really good lunch. Still, though, that's enough for me to avoid building dependencies on "optional" shells. Bash is a nice shell, though, with really nice capabilities. If I *knew* it would be reliably available, I'd probably use it more.

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> Korn Shell? Nobody uses that any more, it's sooo 20th century. These
> days connoisseurs use bash.

Unless bash isn't officially supported, as in the case of AIX. Having recently helped configure a number of AIX 7.1 LPARs, I was disappointed that bash is still in the "AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications" category in AIX.

So, <ESC>k it is then.



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