Re: Relocating LOB segment

From: Kevin Jernigan <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2015 15:16:33 -0800
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There are no known edge cases where BasicFiles works better than SecureFiles, other than MSSM tablespaces. This is one of the reasons we made SecureFiles the default starting in Oracle Database 12c.


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On 2/6/15 7:57 AM, Brent Day wrote:

> We actually set db_aecurefile parameter to always on all of our
> instances and have only seen positive results.
> Of course the setting change only applies to newly created lobs after
> the setting is changed. LOBs created before have to be converted
> through a move/reorganize.
> Of course the tablespace has to be ASSM or you will get the respective
> error.
> We own advanced compression and advanced security and the deduplicte
> that come with advanced compression has proven very beneficial for
> several of our apps.
> The Lob compression works very well and I have found medium
> compression on LOBS to work well. I tried high but the CPU usage
> outweighed the benefit for our needs.
> As always YMMV
> Brent
> On Friday, February 6, 2015, Yong Huang <
> <>> wrote:
> > If you are on 11.2 and use SecureFiles then you can export with
> parallel
> It actually started at 11.1.
> Now I have a question. Can anybody think of anything bad about
> setting db_securefile to always in Oracle 11g so all LOBs are
> created as SecureFile instead of BasicFile? We're recommended to
> use SecureFile LOB (see Doc 1467662.1 and many others), and it's
> the default in 12c. Other than the restriction that SecureFile LOB
> can't be created in a non-ASSM i.e. MSSM tablespace, I see only
> benefit, no disadvantage. Without the advanced security or
> compression license, users have to be careful not to accidentally
> add certain clauses to trigger usage of these licenses. But that's
> a minor concern.
> Yong Huang
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