Re: Good Monitoring tool for monitoring Standard Oracle databases(10g/11g).

From: stephen van linge <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 15:46:51 +0000
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I know this should go without saying, but be sure to get a trial of Spotlight and test it out if you're serious about it before putting money down.   We're currently looking at alternate (non-RAT) db load capture/replay technology and although Dell/Quest's Benchmark Factory live demo looked spectacular, during the trial/eval period we found 2 bugs that they're currently working on hotfixes for (one major, one minor), and another possible bug that we have trouble reproducing (might be an issue on our side since it appears to be environment dependent, of course it only occurs on production and not on dev or stage...).   I should qualify that their product and development managers have been extremely helpful and very responsive.  Bugs are a part of coding and I'm certainly not trying to bash Dell here. I feel like my recent experiences obligate me to emphasize trial testing in addition to live demos... Stephen

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you might want to check great dbTrends for Oracle STATSPACK tool. This tool enables you to perform visual performance trend analysis and tuning based on STATSPACK data. A lot of useful features are supported.

Alexey B. Danchenkov

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 02:19:38 +0000
Subject: Good Monitoring tool for monitoring Standard Oracle databases(10g/11g).

Any advice to purchase good monitoring tool for monitoring Standard Oracle databases(10g/11g).I would like to know already people have experience/using particular monitoring tool that can be deemed to good/better/best tool available in market yet with competitive price We are thinking to go with spotlight(dell/quest) monitoring tool but yet to make final call. would appreciate any response on this.

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