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I think much depends on the purpose of the database. For instance someone who is developing applications to process physics data against a database whose sole purpose is record information about an experiment I do give read only access. It makes their jobs easier, and it does not matter if they see someone else’s queries running against the database.

Developer’s of our ERP systems do not get access at all. It’s a completely separate OEM instance.

It would be nice in many cases for developers to see the performance graphs, but only to be able to see statements concerning their application. You’d think this could be possible by using a much less privileged database login to OEM for such developers, but as it is, such accounts need far too many privileges.

I’m also in favor of developers to be able to use dbms_sqltune of their statements but without being apply to accept any of the proposed fixes.

Ian MacGregor

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Are we strictly talking about non-database developers here?

As a database developer, I get a lot of my projects by watching the performance pages in OEM and finding queries that are either slow, or are being slowed due to concurrency conflicts. You might say OEM gives me a large portion of my projects. Granted, I could get them straight from the database in the tables OEM uses, but OEM is a much quicker method when you're exploring recent history.


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Both SQL*Developer and OEM provide capabilities which are useful to DBA's and developers. In OEM you can control access to a target, and ensure that access is read only, but you really cannot control which panels a user sees. Much of what is presented is of little value to the developer.

What developers want from OEM is to be able to view the overall health of the system, and whether any malaise is being caused by what they support. OEM comes closer to providing this than SQL Developer but is not there yet. It's been a few years since I looked at the SQL Developer capabilities in this area it seemed that it required giving a way the keys of the kingdom.

Another problem with granting OEM access to developers is the load it may place on the OMS.

Ian MacGregor

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Hi Pete,
I beg to differ. EM is a DB management tool and I cannot fathom what would developers do with it? SQL plans are available from SQL Developer. Developers should use development tools, DBA should use management tools. It's not us and them, it's a division of labor. I doubt that developers would be interested in how long did the backup run or how many log switches are generated during the peek time business hours. So, it's us using EM and them using SQL Developer and Eclipse. That's just the natural order of things.

On 01/30/2015 02:28 PM, Peter Sharman wrote:

    Quick answer: Not enough. J

    As Courtney mentioned, a lot more is possible more easily with EM12c than in previous releases. We really should be getting away from the “us versus them” mentality we’ve had for way too long between DBA’s and developers. As DBA’s, give the developers access so they can do their job properly but in a secured manner. As developers, use the tools that have been provided to understand and resolve your issues.

    Easy, right? ;)


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    Quick poll : how many folks give developers logins to EM?

    Last I was talking to people about 4 years ago no one was doing that. Have times changed?

    I know EM Express looks perfect for developers but I'm asking about access to regular EM.


    Kyle Hailey<>

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