procedure with 80 parameters or use table type

From: Jeff C <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 15:26:53 -0800
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I have a question on what is better for the database. A developer made a procedure with 80 parameters, 75 of those are collection arrays. create type num_tab as table of number;

He is bulk loading 3 different tables with all these parameters. I suggested that a better way would be to have create table record types of the 3 tables and pass in to just those 3 parameters. All the work has been done for the 80 parameter so he is giving me some grief about trying the other way, plus this is coming from .Net and they are not that used to using user defined data types.

So I was wonder which way would be better for the database. I think the object of the entire table would be better but I don't have any evidence to tell him Any input here would be helpful. I am going to try to work on a test case but it is a lot of work just to get that up.


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