RE: How do you rotate OEM 12c paging different DBAs on the team....

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:29:31 -0400
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Thanks Michael.  

So this is more or less what we are doing too.  

How do you handle after hours support? Does everyone get a CRITICAL text at midnight and then….?  



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Subject: RE: How do you rotate OEM 12c paging different DBAs on the team....  

We use two layers of alerts setup like this.

  1. WARNINGS get emails sent to all DBA’s. The on-call DBA should be checking emails. There are times when the on-call DBA may need to step away and asks another to watch his back and that is why we all get the emails. The subject line is formatted to make easy sorting. This might be something like filesystem >= 85%.
  2. CRITICAL alerts send text messages to all DBA’s. This is valuable because my phone is sent to silent for emails, but makes an obnoxious sound for text messages and I will pay attention to them. Regardless of on-call or not our team will communicate and figure out who is attending to the alert so we know someone is on it. This is something like blocking locks, filesystem >= 95%, etc. In our environment if we get a text there will also be an email with more detailed information.

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Subject: How do you rotate OEM 12c paging different DBAs on the team....  

We are in the middle of setting up OEM 12c. I setup a separate Incident Rule set for the production group and critical alerts.  

I am thinking about setting up a different OEM user whose email is the texting addresses of the DBA team.  

We do not carry a pager but we have corporate Blackberrys. So I am trying to determine how we would rotate who receives the page dependent on who is on call.  

So I am wondering what other sites do? Any pointers? Links? Ideas?  

TIA.   Chris      

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