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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 10:47:58 -0500
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I would agree with Niall. It looks like the MGMT_TABLESPACE is not sized correctly. Is should at least be 50MB in size. With this error, I have to ask; is this an upgrade or fresh install?  

As for pre-requisites, would recommend reviewing the documentation (  



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My initial reaction would be to look at the space taken up in MGMT_TABLESPACE (since you have a space warning) using sqlplus.

A more general answer that might help you would be to suggest that you use the dbca template available at tes-1959276.html and then follow the procedure at e.htm (this should be much more prominent in the docs in my view ). You don't say if this is a new install or an upgrade, (it looks like a new install?)

I see you've trimmed output for space and/or security reasons, but you might have other prerequisite issues as well. There is or used to be a useful metalink note on troubleshooting installation issues on MOS, but I'm blowed if I can find it right now and irritatingly it isn't in my favourites. Perhaps Peter S might have a reference to this doc (but I will look further).    

On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:50 AM, Lou Avrami <> wrote:

Hi all,

We're trying to install OEM Cloud Control on a Sparc Solaris 11.1 server, with Oracle RDBMS The installation process failed at the OMS Configuration step, 59% completed.

Looking at the log files, I can't really find a cause for the failure. In the main installation log file, the only indication of a problem is that there isn't the expect amount of free space. Then a little later it indicates a failure and references the omsca log. All that says is:

SEVERE: ERROR: Infrastructure setup of EM failed.

I have read some MetaLink notes that said that in prior OEM CC versions this might be caused by an inadequate ulimit settings, but I don't think that's the cause here, they look ok.

If anyone has any suggestions for other log fiels to investigate, or any ideas on other potential causes for the failures, please let me know.

Lou Avrami

INFO: and Creating Tablespaces INFO: TablespaceFreeMB Prerequisite failure for: MGMT_TABLESPACE
INFO: space is 36MB. It should be be greater than 50MB.

INFO: Creation Utility - Create
INFO: Create in progress.
INFO: Complete: 10
INFO: Complete: 30
INFO: Complete: 50
INFO: Complete: 50
INFO: Complete: 100
INFO: Creation Utility: Create - Completion

INFO: Creation Utility - Create : Operation Completed
INFO: setup of EM failed. Check the trace
file:/u01/app/oracle/product/middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/omsca/omsca_20131227 205442.log
 Check the OMS Configuration Assistant logs at: /u01/app/oracle/product/middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/omsca

INFO: plug-in OMS Configuration has failed its perform method


FINE: Successfully recreated opss schema for retry in install mode SUCCESS Dec 27, 2013 8:59:42 PM oracle.sysman.omsca.framework.OMSCAFreshInstall execute
SEVERE: ERROR: Infrastructure setup of EM failed. Dec 27, 2013 8:59:42 PM
oracle.sysman.omsca.framework.OMSConfigAssistantDriver main FINE: Got resultfalse


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