Upgrade to EM12c

From: Bill Zakrzewski <bill_at_intactus.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:49:02 -0500
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Oracle Grid Control
Oracle Agents
RH Linux 5.x

Looking to upgrade to the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c version using the 1 server upgrade method to maintain the current ports, repository, etc.

I installed the EM 12c Upgrade Console and was going through the steps. One of the first steps is to upgrade the agents on all of the servers, which fails with a hostname error. The /etc/hosts file contains "ip address fully qualified name abbreviated name". If I execute hostname command on the server it shows the fully qualified name. However, reviewing the logs the installer is finding the abbreviated hostname and fails because it is not a fully qualified name. You can override the install with a command line option, however I was hoping to continue using the EM 12c Upgrade Console to complete the upgrade.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Does anyone have the steps to manually upgrade from grid control to EM 12c keeping the existing ports, repository, etc.? All of the Oracle upgrade documents only show the method using the EM 12c Upgrade Console.

Can I install the new 12c agents on the servers manually, then go back and finish the upgrade using the EM 12c Upgrade Console????

Thanks in advance
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