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Not directly related, but if you stick with the small tables I generally like to create those small lookup tables as iots. Any block read you can get rid of is a good block read, esp. if the table is frequently accessed.

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One additional thought about consolidating logical entities into a single physical entity -- perhaps the problem becomes more clear if you take the idea all the way to absurdium?

Here is an account of a time when that happened ( along with supplementary commentary on TheDailyWTF (

On 1/29/2013 2:38 AM, Sayan Sergeevich Malakshinov wrote:
> Toon Koppelaars wrote,on my timestamp of 28/01/2013 8:13 PM:
>> Just create a union-all view on top of those hundred tables, and write a
>> couple of instead-of triggers to deal with inserts/updates/deletes. Then
>> have your "controller" based on top of this view.
> Unfortunately the views like that increases the chance to get inefficient
> plan, especially when client dynamically build queries with many joins of
> views with big number of tables, even if we increase
> "_optimizer_max_permutations"
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