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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 12:43:04 -0600
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I'm curious how many of you guys have set CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE from EXACT in a development or test database (or even production) and what led you to set it? My only experience with CURSOR_SHARING comes from my PeopleSoft days when SIMILAR was thought to be a "good" thing and then found out it wasn't (at least I believe that's the way it went).

I've never played around with FORCE.

The reason I'm asking is that we have 4 QA instances that share the same server and one of these QA boxes has the requirement to match production as far as memory pools, parameters etc.

This has the adverse effect of forcing the other 3 into smaller RAM buckets. I'm getting 4031 errors intermittently and [of course] it's related to non-shared sql blowing my sql area and library cache sizes all to he**.

(Keeping in mind this is a very immature application - much work going on in redesign - while that is happening though I really would like to keep the 4031 errors down to a minimum)


Chris Taylor
Oracle DBA
Parallon IT&S

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