Re: New architecture using Clusterware

From: Dennis Williams <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 08:28:35 -0600
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Thanks Stephano, Sve,
I appreciate the insights. I don't think I'll bet my job on this technology. Probably stick with the proven stuff.


On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Svetoslav Gyurov <> wrote:

> Hi Dennis,
> Same here, we are using HP ServiceGuard to protect most of our
> customers databases, running in Active/Passive clusters. In general
> you could have Clusterware (Grid Infrastructure) installed on all the
> nodes without additional license as long as you run oracle products on
> top or if you bought at least Basic OEL support which allows you to
> use Clusterware for 3rd party product.
> Still some software must take care of failing over the database in
> case of disaster. If it's not a RAC you could use RAC One Node - no
> other option for automatic failover. RAC One Node is great feature and
> its great replacement of 3rd party clusters, except one thing - the
> license, RAC One Node is an options to the EE and it's only available
> to EE. The license states that if you are not failing over to other
> nodes in the cluster for a specific amount of time in a calendar year,
> you are not obligated to license the rest of the nodes.
> We've had a project where SE had to be run in High Environment on
> Windows without any type of cluster software. The only solution I
> found and implemented was to install GI on both nodes, install DB
> software on both nodes, create database on first node, replicate
> configuration to second node and finally run the database itself only
> on one of the nodes. The windows service was manual and one had to
> make sure it's stopped on other node, before run it on the current
> node. There are several papers on the Internet where you could see how
> to protect 3rd party products with Clusterware and your custom
> scripts.
> Regards,
> Sve

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