Re: New architecture using Clusterware

From: Svetoslav Gyurov <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 00:03:03 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hi Dennis,

Same here, we are using HP ServiceGuard to protect most of our customers databases, running in Active/Passive clusters. In general you could have Clusterware (Grid Infrastructure) installed on all the nodes without additional license as long as you run oracle products on top or if you bought at least Basic OEL support which allows you to use Clusterware for 3rd party product.

Still some software must take care of failing over the database in case of disaster. If it's not a RAC you could use RAC One Node - no other option for automatic failover. RAC One Node is great feature and its great replacement of 3rd party clusters, except one thing - the license, RAC One Node is an options to the EE and it's only available to EE. The license states that if you are not failing over to other nodes in the cluster for a specific amount of time in a calendar year, you are not obligated to license the rest of the nodes.

We've had a project where SE had to be run in High Environment on Windows without any type of cluster software. The only solution I found and implemented was to install GI on both nodes, install DB software on both nodes, create database on first node, replicate configuration to second node and finally run the database itself only on one of the nodes. The windows service was manual and one had to make sure it's stopped on other node, before run it on the current node. There are several papers on the Internet where you could see how to protect 3rd party products with Clusterware and your custom scripts.


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