RE: Strange error when resizing MEMORY_TARGET

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 11:35:51 -0500
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Good answer. I would only add that it is easy to miss that Oracle really means "target" not "limit" which has probably led to your confusion.

After you find the lowest setting it will swallow, you *might* want to increase your target to that if what you're after is more generous start-up values and less dynamic allocation. If you're already at 20 and you need more, that is going to require a bounce.

If your memory is currently oscillating by just a few granules between shared_pool and buffer_cache, you *might* want to add a little room and set both to the ceilings of their respective oscillations and turn off automatic resizing as much as you can when you eventually get the chance.

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Hi Tony,
this is a known behaviour. Check your v$memory_resize_ops . You should see that the sum of sga and pga is greater than 16gb. This is the reason of the message. Oracle needs in fact to decrease memory. For more info, if you have MoS access, check also note: 452512.1 and 139783.1



The SQLServerAgent service depends on the MSSQLServer service, which has
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