RE: RAC CR REQUEST RETRY - Which node is holding the data block?

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I would assume this needs to be run during the interval when the block request failures are occuring?


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I've got a query I pulled from a paper by Riyaj Shamsudeen on DRM that may be of use:

COL kjblname2 FORMAT A22
COL kjblowner HEADING 'Inst Owner|of Block' COL kjblmaster HEADING 'Inst Master|of Block' COL fl FORMAT 99999

SELECT kj.*, le.le_addr
  FROM (SELECT kjblname, kjblname2, kjblowner, kjblmaster, kjbllockp

             , SUBSTR(kjblname2, INSTR(kjblname2, ',') + 1, 
                                 INSTR(kjblname2, ',' , 1, 2) - INSTR(kjblname2, ',', 1, 1) - 1) / 65536 fl
             , SUBSTR(kjblname2, 1, INSTR(kjblname2, ',') - 1) blk 
          FROM x$kjbl) kj
     , x$le le

 WHERE le.le_kjbl = kj.kjbllockp
   AND (fl = <file# for block> AND blk = <block# in question>) ORDER by le.le_addr;

The instance master keeps track of a block's state whereas the instance owner has the actual block in it's cache.

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Subject: RAC CR REQUEST RETRY - Which node is holding the data block?

Setup: 64-bit
RHEL 3 node RAC
node1 is requesting blocks for a transaction - either node2 or node3 is holding the block(s) that are being requested. How can I determine which node(s) of the cluster are holding the requested block(s)?


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