PCP Configuration on Oracle 11i

From: Bala krishna <krishna000_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 16:37:16 +0530
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We've 2 Concurrent Manager nodes & 2 node for forms in a 2 node RAC environment. I've gone through few docs on PCP config and configuration what we've did in our environment is confusing me a lot .

Summary of our CM's(concurrent Mgr) configuration in our environment to make my questions help better for you people to answer [image: :)]

  1. PCP instance check profile option is set to OFF.
  2. s_cp_twotask => xxxx is configured to connect to only one instance but failover is allowed to Node 2.
  3. As per point 2 all our CM's are being connected to Node 1 only.
  4. For all the Managers we've edited both primary & seconday except for service managers. Is that right ?

Here are my questions to answer ?

  1. At the moment we'll start all the concurent managers in Node 1 but we only start the apps listener in Node 2. Is this right ? by considering above config if not please correct me.
  2. As per my understanding if all the concurrent mgr are starting in Node
  3. But still FNDIMON & FNDSM should be up and running in Node 2 ? incase of any failover in Node 1 FNDIMON should be able to start Internal manager in Node 2 ?
  4. Will FNDSM executable is spawned after starting Apps listener script in Node 2 ?
  5. Some of the below errors are seen continiously in Concurrent mgr logfile . But our mgr's are running fine with out any issues why do i still see below errors in the log files if so ?

Adding Node:(XXXXXX), Instance:(Inst1) to unavailable list

Adding Node:(XXXXXX), Instance:(Inst1) to unavailable list

5. Also how do i find out which load balancer i'm using for example ( DNS Load balancer or HTTP Hardware Loadbalancer) for Oracle Apps ?


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