RE: Monitoring Hosts in Cloud Control 12C

From: MacGregor, Ian A. <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 14:21:44 -0700
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How I get the page in question: Go to

Setup--->Management Packs ---> Management Pack Access

For database targets I turned off everything except Tuning and Diagnostics two of our three licensed packs BTW Historical database performance graphs are available.

For host targets, I turned off all management packs.

Once you have done this go to targets-->hosts--> (select a database host) ---> monitoring ---> CPU Utilization

It will show the current information. Any attempts to show 24 hour, 7 day, or 31 day information results in the display of the page stating that WLS Management Pack EE is required.

Our other license is for the old Database Configuration pack. There is no such pack in 12C, but there is a list of things which can be accessed because of the pack, but that muddies the waters.


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I've been able to navigate to a CPU Metric detail page for my Hosts in 12c. I can switch the view from 24 hour to 7 day to 31 day... No error message. How did you get to this error?


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