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Thanks for sharing that link Raj!

Now I'll admit I haven't thoroughly read all 50+ emails in this chain, but I'll toss out an opinion that's a bit off from others. I tried TOAD and for me it was just way too busy. It seemed like everything I'd ever want to do was found somewhere in some menu choice, but being new to it overwhelmed me. I'm not against learning new things (I even switched from SQL*Worksheet to SQL Developer years back), but I need it simple and since I hadn't grown up on TOAD I felt without long training I wouldn't be able to be efficient with it. For me it was kind of like OEM/GC/EM - I know some DBA admin features are available in some menu choice, but their location seems to change each release and by the time I figure it out I could have issued the function on 800 different databases using the command line. I use EM for a lot of different things but mostly I'm poking around in sqlplus.

Now that I think about it, it's probably due to a personality flaw. I'm too proud to think a tool can do something better than I can with my own knowledge of the system and Oracle.

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I also hated the fonts from SQL Developer until i came across , the tricks and tips he provides have made using SQL Developer a much better experience. Perhaps you have seen them, if not, it is definitely worth a visit.


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> SQL Developer has some nice features but the blocky fonts hurt my eyes, and for something that will be in front of me all day that just rules it out for serious use.


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