Audio/video Oracle conf proceedings / any good Oracle podcasts / best Oracle confs for practical content?

From: Dana Nibby <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 03:51:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Although I'm attending the East Coast Oracle User Group conference this Fall in Raleigh, NC, there are other Oracle confs I'm unable to attend. OOW is out because I'll be on holiday in Oahu. Don't expect any sympathy there. Do any of the Oracle conferences like OOW, HotSOS, and others make audio/video proceedings available either free or for purchase?

While conf attendance is best (really no substitute for face-to-face interaction), it's not always in budget. One of my favorite conferences, in the GIS domain, has been Esri's International User Conf held annually in San Diego. I've typically had to self-fund flights, hotel, food, etc, getting only a complimentary reg and having my salary paid for the week. But I've always found it to be a great value even with all the out-of-pocket expenses (ones I cannot write-off because I'm not a consultant). On the other hand, with a conf of ~15,000 attendees and hundreds of Technical Workshops, there's always content I miss. So in the past I've had my employer purchase the ~8 DVD set of all Tech Workshops. Something like USD $500 but good value. I like to say it's the only way to see all content of interest without a clone...

Do such proceedings exist for Oracle confs and regional User Group events? e.g. perhaps RMOUG events or HotSOS? From time to time I slide decks posted from Oracle conferences. But a good presenter will say a lot more than what's on the slides. Much of a presentation's impact is lost if you don't have audio and/or video. Maybe they're good to crib some syntax from, etc.

Also, can anyone recommend a good Oracle podcast or two? I'm currently listening to various TED Talks on my daily commute. But I'd like to add good Oracle content. Preferably practical content versus sales pitches or broad strokes about "here's what I did on Project X--the "show and tell" type of presentation. These are fine if they include specific details of technical solutions, IMHO. I'm hoping the East Coast Oracle User conf has more Tech Workshops than Show and Tells.

If I'm able to help revive a local Oracle User Group in the Raleigh/Triangle area--still wondering if it would be appropriate to formally ask for a room and time slot at ECOUG for organizing; or if it would be more polite to have a meeting off-premise--I'd mostly like to see presentations with nuts and bolts technical content, e.g. giving attendees takeaways for doing their jobs better. Preferably using Oracle Features rather than licensed Options. Although I'm fine with the latter if it's practical nuts and bolts content or deep conceptual content.

Speaking of, which Oracle confs would folks recommend for maximal nuts and bolts practical content? "News I can use" so to say. I've heard some call OOW a Marketing Conference.


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