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From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:08:07 +0000
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On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:00 AM, Andy Colvin <> wrote:
> The SE vs EE issue is something that I've been intrigued by since the
> announcement of the ODA. It seems like it's just begging for somebody to
> file a lawsuit, because there shouldn't be anything preventing you from
> running SE on the box other than Oracle refusing to sell it with an SE
> license.

I can't see that a lawsuit would fly, you are buying a "plug and play" type solution, not just another computer and software. It seems to me that the package is fine.

I think that with an SE license, the box would sell really well.

I wholeheartedly agree with that, the market that I think this fits really well with is the SME market (though I guess I could see large corporations buying them for divisions and bringing site licenses to bear). In this market the in-depth experience across the stack just isn't there some/most of the time and the requirement for multiTB databases is rarely there. In this market, bought through a knowledgable partner then a similar machine with SE would make an awful lot of sense to an awful lot of companies - we could probably sell 6 - 10 of the things to existing customers like a shot for example. Now it almost certainly is the case that Oracle define SME in a different fashion to me, but I have the old fashioned view that companies that make 1/2 million dollar investments in a *new* hardware and software platform probably ought to have sufficient in-house expertise to do RAC well - and if they don't they probably shouldn't be buying the product in the first place.

If you are *upgrading* your hardware and have just discovered that your new 6/10 core, dual proc servers cost 3 times as much to license as the old dual core model that they replace to run the same workload then I guess the appliance makes pretty good value as an alternative to database consolidation since you can "pay as you grow". That's probably not a public sales pitch of course.

> As for the original question, it is amazingly simple to install and
> configure. Building out and testing a RAC system at many sites takes
> weeks. It takes about 2 hours from pulling the ODA out of the box to
> having it up and running. It definitely cuts down some of the complexities
> of RAC installations, which reduces the overall migration time.

Just in case my previous post makes anyone think I don't get this, I absolutely do. Its a fantastic approach to the problem of RAC installs which can take multiple weeks for no very good reason. It oughtn't actually take that long though at the cost of ownership level which the product currently has.

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Nice blog Andy.

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