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In a previous place we toyed with that idea but ultimately went to two cascaded logical standbys that were several thousand kilometers apart. In doing the research at the time we did find out about cascading from a physical standby to a logical one but could not find anything about going the other way around. We also toyed around with the idea of snapshot standbys but the issue of when to make such databases available to developers and report writers became a little tricky as we could never determine when the db would need to be accessed so logical standbys all the way was the choice.

Rui Amaral
Database Administrator

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Has anyone done the following:

                You have a primary database that is heavy into OLTP and has a physical standby in another geographical location.
                You create a logical standby locally for reporting/portal purposes because the developers and business users want up to the minute data and need their own schemas with their own views.
                Since the two databases are different, there is a desire to create a physical standby of the logical in the other geographical location

I'm fine with the archivelog destinations that will be needed. The question has anyone built a physical standby of a logical standby?

Richard Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA/Na Team Leader


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