data exchange between oracle and sqlserver

From: Hsieh, Joan <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 18:34:57 +0000
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Hi list,

The following is the question from our developer who is looking for a solution for the new system and business requirement. He proposed ODBC gateway, ETL tools. I would greatly appreciated if you can provide any other ideas.



We are looking into integrating PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (aka PSCS and new SIS) with various third parties. Some of these will be done using XML messages over HTTP. Unfortunately we still have vendors who rely on files or table load mechanisms only.

One of the critical integrations is between Financial Aid's PowerFAIDS (SQL Server db) and PSCS. This software works only through inserting data into an interface table or through file loads (which then load the same interface table). All outbound interfaces are through queries which generate file exports. We are trying to avoid the file exports.

We are trying to eliminate file base integration as it is insecure and requires the use of shared drives. These files will contain legally protected Personal Identifiable Information which should not be lying around on servers or people's computers.

Business requirements require the exchange of information twice per business day for some interfaces, or once per day for others (which is why I think the ETL method would work adequately).

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