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From: Herring Dave - dherri <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 21:59:15 +0000
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Does anyone know if we can control the size of the various Grid Infrastructure logs? Under 11gR2 it appears there are 11 logs that are rotated automatically by Oracle with 2 different max sizes:

% find $CRS_HOME/log/`hostname -s`/ -name '*.l01' -type f -ls | awk '{print $7" "$11}'

10579665 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/crsd/oraagent_oracle/oraagent_oracle.l01
10581706 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/crsd/orarootagent_root/orarootagent_root.l01
10591008 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/ohasd/oraagent_oracle/oraagent_oracle.l01
10589986 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/ohasd/orarootagent_root/orarootagent_root.l01
10572636 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/ohasd/oracssdmonitor_root/oracssdmonitor_root.l01
10579512 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/agent/ohasd/oracssdagent_root/oracssdagent_root.l01
10556270 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/ctssd/octssd.l01
52823233 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/cssd/ocssd.l01
10542909 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/crsd/crsd.l01
52737221 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/gpnpd/gpnpd.l01
10569769 /grid/app/11.2.0/oracle/log/hostname/ohasd/ohasd.l01

CSSD and GPNPD files are rotated at 50 MB while the rest at 10 MB. This isn't a huge deal to most, but I've been given a server to support that has 9.7 GB of space for /grid. This doesn't leave me a lot to play with and I doubt I can get them to add more space. I've already got a cleanup job for those files Oracle and adrci don't handle, but I was hoping that for some of the above I could shrink the max size a bit, so that even once they all have their 11 copies the impact would be less.

MOS doc 557204.1 refers to a max size but doesn't specify how it's set or maintained.

It's interesting that Oracle says you'll need 4.5 GB for the install of GI but I don't believe there's any mention in the doc of the space needed ongoing. Once you apply a few patches (.patch_storage is 2.5 GB now) and run long enough for the logs above to have their 10 copy rotation, 10 GB is a little tight.

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