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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 06:47:15 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks Niall. I just want to check one more thing here. As per the documentation,  "The Automatic Segment Advisor does not analyze every database object. Instead, it examines database statistics, samples segment data, and then selects the following objects to analyze:"

If the Statistics for some table is locked or not collected in the given maintenance Window, Does that mean that Daily or Weekend Segment Advisor will skip those objects and need manual intervention by running segment advisor


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That's what the segment advisor is designed for! I'm going to quote directly from the relevant manual because I agree 100% with it. 

If you receive a space management alert, or if you decide that you want to reclaim space, you should start with the Segment Advisor.
>To use the Segment Advisor:
>Check the results of the Automatic Segment Advisor.
>To understand the Automatic Segment Advisor, see "Automatic Segment Advisor", later in this section. For details on how to view results, see "Viewing Segment Advisor Results".
>(Optional) Obtain updated results on individual segments by rerunning the Segment Advisor manually.
>See "Running the Segment Advisor Manually", later in this section.


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>I am trying to check as the best way to find out the actual space used by table removing any fragmentation in it. I had few partitioned table in 3 digit like one of the table was 150G. I used redefinition package and it becomes 70G. 

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