Re: Where to find OCCI for Linux?

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 17:45:48 +0000
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On 15/11/11 16:19, Howard Lee Harkness wrote:
> On,
> there is a link for OCCI for Linux/Windows, but when you click on that
> link, you get a page that lists only OCCI downloads for Visual C++
> versions.

Yup, confirmed. Everything is for Windows.

> Where can I get OCCI for g++ under Linux?
Is it not part of the installation for 11g (I assume?) - when i last installed 10h OCCI some time back (in another office) it was on the installer CD. Do a custom install and open up the various options - it will be there.

If you are on 10g, there's a bug if I remember correctly, and you need to download a couple of extra libraries to fix it. Getstring() doesn't work.


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