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From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 15:53:47 -0400
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The free year of extended support has ended, but if I recall correctly you can pay for extended support for two more years. Michael carefully vetted his dates with Oracle for an OAUG DBSIG presentation, so I trust them. So again I *think* that means the extended support program that you can buy for 10g continues through something like July 2013.

Premier support on 10g is not something you can buy any more unless you have some specially signed corporate deal (one of those things where you had better verify that the person signing it on Oracle's behalf actually has the high enough officer status for it to be binding on Oracle, and that is almost certainly NOT your salesperson.)

If you go to, navigate to presentations, and then choose "What does the end of Premier support mean to you" by Michael Brown (from OOW 2010) it has all the details with some implied details pointed out that are not necessarily obvious from the official documents (which are not different, just a more terse statement.)

So until August 2013, I *think* your CSI has to be flagged to allow you to get the patches referenced below. Then I think you'll be able to get them, but essentially no help using them or installing them. I suppose it is possible that Oracle could extend the end date for extended support for 10.2 if enough folks wanted to keep paying for it, and presumably that would push when non-extended support qualified folks could get the out of date patches. I don't have any expectation either way on that.

Someone please correct me if I got this wrong.



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But extended support fees were waived for one-year, and the customers received this extension automatically. This extension expires July 31, 2011. If you have kept your premier support current, then you should be able to download patches.

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Extended support is now tied to a CSI and enforced. Before MOS, I guess we were supposed to realize that we were not supposed to download the patch.

if you have not paid for extended support, you are on sustaining which means that you only have access to patches released before July 2010 for 10.2. On sustaining support, you will not get access to all the of the 10.2 patches until extended support ends in July 2013.


Michael Brown


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