Re: Having Ubuntu instead of Windows XP for Oracle and for Daily use ? which is best

From: Tim Hall <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 11:51:35 +0100
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Sorry about the "me too" post, but I am currently using Fedora 15 + VirtualBox 4.0.8.

I stopped using VMware Server (the free one) because the browser plugin wouldn't work properly with anything other than IE. I waited ages for a fix, then thought sod it and switched to VirtualBox. Never looked back.

IMHO, Oracle on your desktop directly is a fail. I don't care if it is Windows, Ubuntu or Fedora. Yes it will install and work, but what's the point? You'll never use that in production so why bother with it for messing about? Use a VM and run Oracle Linux or RHEL as the guest. Then you will be doing something like "real" installations of Oracle and you ***won't be messing up your host installation if something goes wrong***. Added to that, if you back up your VMs, if you do screw up your host, you can reinstall it and your VMs will be ready to go as soon has you copy back the files. Much better than having to reinstall every product again on your desktop.

Regarding your RAC installations, VirtualBox is good for that too.



On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 10:52 AM, Dunbar, Norman (Capgemini) <> wrote:
> Morning,
>>> Not sure about Ubuntu & VMWare, but I've found Fedora 14 to
>>> be an excellent desktop Linux to run, and VirtualBox runs
>>> very nicely on it.
> I've had lots of problems, performance wise, getting VMWare to work -
> granted that was on Windows. I'm now using VirtualBox version 4 (from
> Oracle) running in OpenSuse as my main desktop.
> I'm running Fedora 14, Scientific Enterprise Linux 6.0 (aka RHEL 6),
> Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0, Windows 7 and windows XP plus Linux Mint 10
> in assorted VirtualBox environments. It works. I've got Oracle
> running in the Oracle Enterprise Linux VM - and it's great because I can
> shut down the VM, saving the state, and when I fire it up again, the
> database runs on from where it left off. Brilliant! ;-)
> Cheers,
> Norm.
> Norman Dunbar
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