RE: Survey: 11g plan management (DBMS_SPM)

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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 14:10:07 +0300
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Thank you all.

From what I got SPM is used on a limited basis, to fix a problematic sql. That's all right.

But did anyone try to use SPM on a global scale? To freeze a stable production application ? Sounds scarry to me but how to know w/o trying ? I can guess some issue like slower sql parsing, latching/"mutexing", etc with a large number of SQL baselines. Would be interesting to know load on CPU either.

Brgds, Laimis

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  Subject:    RE: Survey: 11g plan management (DBMS_SPM)                                                                          

Currently, using SPM on a very limited basis.

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  Subject:    RE: Survey: 11g plan management (DBMS_SPM)                                                                          


Iíve been using some SQL Plan Baselines in a production system for a few months now. For me there are 2 really useful features. First, the ability to get the plan you want with hints and then generate a baseline for the problem statement using that plan. Secondly, being able to generate a baseline from a plan contained in the AWR.


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