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if you are using datapump you can use TRANSFORM:SEGMENT_ATTRIBUTES:n

Default: none
Enables you to alter object creation DDL for specific objects, as well as for all
applicable objects being loaded.
Syntax and Description
TRANSFORM = transform_name:value[:object_type]

The transform_name specifies the name of the transform. The possible options are
as follows:
■ SEGMENT_ATTRIBUTES - If the value is specified as y, then segment attributes
(physical attributes, storage attributes, tablespaces, and logging) are included,
with appropriate DDL. The default is y.

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Date: 06/15/2011 12:37 PM

Subject:        Re: EXP / IMP ISSUE
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W dniu 14.06.2011 21:55, Eriovaldo Andrietta pisze:
> Hello,
> I would like to get a way to export data withoout storage.
> Because the initial extent is too big and I am getting error.
> The solution can be in exp for do not consider storage when export
> or
> when using the Imp in order to do not consider the storage data
> Note:
> I used list the DDL via indexfile, but now I need to change all
> INITIAL that has big value. This is too exaustive, because there are lot
> of tables.
> Best Regards
> Eriovaldo

Assuming imp/exp only (and not data pump) then, not remember well, but the key is first to create empty table without any constraints or indexes or rows. I think I used for it exp/imp as well and with rows=N the definition was different, but not sure at the moment, it was few years ago - if that will not work You may build this table manually by pulling out a definition with dbms_metadata. Then set parameter IGNORE=Y and imp loads to already existing table so no problem with previous storage settings.

Data pump is much more convenient with such manipulations, but suppose You have no such option

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