Re: What hint would you try?

From: Gints Plivna <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:52:29 +0300
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I beg to differ at least a bit :)
There are at least a few arguments to favor the so called ANSI SQL syntax especially for outer joins:
- it is functionally richer than old (+) syntax - it is used on other DBMSes too
I personally have started to use it for a few years now at least for all outer joins. Yea, it was really buggy at the start, if i remember correctly there were also a few security bugs when a user could access tables he had no privileges using ANSI SQL join syntax. But argument that something new is buggy and therefore not using it at all is not good and becomes less and less justified. Many other features, for example, automatic memory management as well was quite buggy initially, does it mean we will never use it?

So of course SQL join syntax is a matter of taste, but at least one should reconsider arguments like buggy, not optimized with each new Oracle version.

Gints Plivna

2011/6/10 Chris Dunscombe <>:
> And another Amen.
> There have been, and I'm sure there still are and will be in the future, a
> number of bugs in this area with hints/optimizer and ANSI SQL. I ran into
> one of these a couple of years ago when working with SAS generated SQL. (But
> the details have been paged out of limited my brain capacity, oh how I need
> a memory uopgrade).
> Chris

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