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On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 8:08 AM, Roger Xu <> wrote:

According to the backup log (/oracle/SID/sapbackup/bebsvyuz.anf), the backup was done on 10/22/2009 and it used 5 tapes. Any idea? My thoughts is:  

Do they *really* want a backup restored from 2009?  

I have to ask: Have other backups been made since that time?  

  1. scan all 5 tapes using "scanner -m" command for media index (do I need file index?)
  2. use brrestore to restore all the oracle data files
  3. use brrecover to recover the database

At my previous job I got us off of the BR utilities for backups, and went to

straight RMAN years ago.  

The BR Tools are just a way for SAP folks to make backups and do recoveries

without having to understand what they are doing.  

For DBA's I thought it was just a layer of stuff that got in the way and

required obtuse configuration. Just my opinion maybe, but the BR

tools seem more difficult to configure and use than RMAN.  

I realize that doesn't help with your current problem, but if you have any

say in how backup and recovery takes place in the future...  

Re that: were the backups hot backups, or did they go through RMAN?  

The BR tools have allowed that for sometime.  

You should probably consider getting someone involved that knows

how to work with all of the technologies in question.  

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