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I am sure this works. I have/had a script to 'become_u'. which essentially saves off the encrypted password using a values clause sql statement as shown below, then changes the password to something simple, logs in, and then executes the saved statement and deletes the saved statement.

It started to generate alert log errors, I believe ora-0600 in 11g databases. An analyst at metalink said it was never supported or documented.... (surprise to me since I used it since oracle 8). So... they started talking about proxy users and such... (just more complication), but the bottom line is, you might expect to see some errors show up...

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Since password are hashed, this will take some fancy footwork. I haven't tried this, but the approach seems like a decent candidate (unless the hashing algos change between versions).

T. J.

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Subject: create user with existing password

Does anybody have a dynamic sql script that pulls user definitions (including current passwords) into a text file? I need to move users from a 10g database over to an 11g database. They want to keep their current passwords.

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