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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 12:52:47 -0900
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FWIW, we also have sys.aud$ in it's own tablespace, offload rows on a regular basis to a text file and truncate sys.aud$. We also move sys.aud$ back to the system tablespace prior to upgrades and back to its own tablespace after the upgrade is complete...we don't back up sys.aud$ separately prior to an upgrade, though.
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mohammed bhatti wrote:
> I'm following the "Just a General Question on System
> Tablespace" and some of you turned auditing on with SYS.AUD$ in the
> SYSTEM tablespace where it should be. I've also turned on auditing, but
> have moved the aud$ to it's own tablespace. I followed note 72460.1 and
> 1019377.6 although I'm not using any triggers. I've noted that the
> solution has a couple of caveats which may cause issues during upgrades
> but I think this can be resolved by backing up the aud$ table,
> truncating it and moving it back into the system tablespace and then
> proceeding with the upgrade and moving it back out again after the upgrade.
> So how many people are using this method? Yeah, the reason that I moved
> this out of system is because of some crazy amount of auditing that is
> required.
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> mohammed

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