Re: listener... which home?

From: Martin Berger <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 20:56:14 +0100
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I assume this is not 100% correct.

see the possibilities of srvctl:
srvctl add listener -h

Adds a listener configuration to the Oracle Clusterware.

Usage: srvctl add listener [-l <lsnr_name>] [-s] [-p "[TCP:]<port>[, ...][/IPC:<key>][/NMP:<pipe_name>][/TCPS:<s_port>] [/SDP:<port>]"] [-o <oracle_home>] [-k <net_num>]

    -l <lsnr_name>           Listener name (default name is LISTENER)
    -o <oracle_home>         ORACLE_HOME path (default value is CRS_HOME)
    -k <net_num>             network number (default number is 1)
    -s                       Skip the checking of ports
    -p "[TCP:]<port>[, ...][/IPC:<key>][/NMP:<pipe_name>][/TCPS:<s_port>] [/SDP:<port>]"       Comma separated tcp ports or listener endpoints
    -h                       Print usage

there you can define a oracle_home. This would not make sense if you MUST use the grid home - CRS would know about the grid_home quite well. So you can use any oracle_home which is supported in combination with the version of grid_home.

Still I'd suggest to use the listener of your CRS as long as possible.


Am 14.01.2011 um 18:32 schrieb D'Hooge Freek:

> In 11.2 when you have grid infrastructure installed (which is, if I'm not mistaken, required when using ASM), then the listener must be running from the grid home (in your case called asm) when you want to control it via srvctl.
> It is still possible to start a listener from the db home by using lsnrctl (and the listener.ora file), but this listener can't be controlled via srvctl (and thus can't benefit from oracle restart).
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> hi guys,
> so, we have two homes in a server. One is /u01/app/asm, obviously this is the ASM home. it's an 11g home as well. Then we have the /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0 home which is the DB home. There is a single DB in this server. The listener is running from /u01/app/asm/bin/tnslsnr.... which to me is odd. Is there any reason you can think of for this? (I already asked the previous owner of this server and they replied it was "by design"). I can see some benefits (like in theory you don't need to bring down the listener for $OH patching... and you usually have the ASM home in the latest patch/version...
> what cons do you find in this?
> cheers
> Alan.-
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