Re: listener... which home?

From: Martin Berger <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 19:23:21 +0100
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thank you for the great tests!
I agree it's best to use srvctl from grid installation, not from DB. It's even worse if you try to use 10g RDBMS with 11gR2 CRS Restart, but that's another story.

Sreejith, this seems strange to me. Can you please provide the output of both 'lsnrctl status' ?


Am 15.01.2011 um 08:27 schrieb "" <> <>:

> Hi.
> One question related to that. I have the 11g R2 RAC running on RHEL 4.7. When I did a lsnrctl from GRID_HOME , I see no services supported . But when I did the same thing from ORACLE_HOME, I can see services for my database instances . Is this an expected behavior? The listener is started from GRID_HOME.
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> Sreejith

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