Re: dataguard , and datapump

From: ed lewis <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 07:12:41 -0500
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Yes, the primary db is running force logging. The logical is missing objects. I did not verify the physical standby.
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  Is the primary database running in force logging?   Where have you witnessed the missing objects? In the physical standby? The logical one? Both?

  Harel Safra

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        We currently are running dataguard with a physical ,     and logical standby database. When I try to import     a new schema into the primary database (using datapump),     it does not replicate properly to either standby database.     I don't get errors, but not all objects get copied over.     So, a complete refresh of the standbys is required to put     the environments in sync.

        Is this expected behavior ? I couldn't find anything on this issue.

        Switching gears, is there any way to disable archiving when doing
    datapump imports, outside of disabling it on the database level ?

    solaris 10

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