ASM - storage virtualization solution

From: Michael Elkin <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 07:52:54 +0300
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Dear list members,

I would like to know if someone has an experience in the following solution.

Configuration example : 2 IBM servers that are located on different blade chassis are connected to 2 separate IBM storages. Each blade server has a fiber connection to each storage. On each storage we allocate a lun and each server can see all allocated luns on both storages.

The idea is to use ASM on each node with a mirroring and create a disk group with ASM "Normal redundancy" using Luns from both storages. This can give us maximum availability:
1. For DB or node failure we use RAC
2. Blade servers are located on different chassis , so we do not loose all RAC nodes in case of a complete blade chassis failure 3. In case of a storage failure we have a second storage that is mirrored by ASM and most important is always active and is connected to all RAC servers, this means there is no need to perform any manual operations to switch this storage to an active mode and connect RAC servers to it.

In general ASM can serve here as a storage virtualization solution.

Thank you.


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Michael Elkin

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