RE: Is it a good idea to have primary key on DW table

From: Powell, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 13:56:03 +0000
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If you want the database to protect the integrity of the data from the insertion of logically duplicate data then declaring a PK contraint on the column(s) that make up the PK is a good idea even in a warehouse. The same would be true for FK declarations.

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Subject: Is it a good idea to have primary key on DW table

Hi Listers,

                I was trying to do a poc whether its good idea to have the primary key constraint on FACT table in DW envioronment or not .

Here is what i found :-

  1. Once I loaded the table for few days and started the primary key creation process ,other select queries on that table was blocked.
1       322     5adg0zfm9zrat   2795494745                      alter table FACT_TEST add constraint pk_FACT_TEST primary key (<COLUMN_LIST>)
2       389     9n8jftdhvb5q0   1639290560      1       322     select date_key,count(*) from fact_test group by date_key

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