Desktop virtualisation software-what do you use?

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:05:42 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hello list,

To my great dismay I just found out that VMWare Server 2.0 I have used in the past for desktop virtualisation of Windows stopped working. Actually, it's not the virtualisation layer, but more the console which fails to work with modern Firefox and my IE 8. The plugin seems a bit out of date. BTW I use Xen for all para-virtualised guests and won't touch this as it's _brilliant_. Oh, and I don't want to spend money :)

So I need another solution for this-I heard VMWare player is nice and you can also create your own VMs with it now. Virtualbox could be an alternative, and so could be Microsoft's virtual PC. I don't know any of these, so if anyone could share experience about stability and performance. I plan to virtualise Windows 2008 R2, but don't need a lot of performance, this would be a lab environment.

Thanks in advance,



Martin Bach
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