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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 06:51:16 +0000

The war file is just java and 'should' run on just about any J2EE server.

That said, you mention the APEX application server. If you are talking about the Oracle HTTP server that comes on the companion disk (pre 11g), then it will not have OC4J.

You can use Oracle's Application Server (the middleware product).

As for deploying this war file to your Enterprise Manager instance, I am unsure. Theoretically it should work, but as someone mentioned it might not be supported.

Not sure if this helped...probably me just rambling away at a ridiculous hour.


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From: Dan Peacock <> Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:40:35
To: oracle-l<> Subject: Oracle APEX 3.1 printing PDFs

One of my APEX developers came to me wondering about getting pdf printing working in our APEX 3.1 install.

I did a little digging and came up with this document on Oracle's APEX site for printing:

I get to the part that says: "Before getting started, you will need to have Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) up and running." and I figure I'm good to go since I have a EM GC instance (version running with OC4J.

Here's where the wheels begin to fall off for me. In the configuration guide it says:

    *Step 1: Installing the WAR file*

    Place the fop.war file (located in
    /apex_install_directory//utlities/fop) in an accessible location on     your local machine. You then follow the directions below or can view     the process by running this viewlet     <>.

  1. Navigate to your OC4J Oracle Enterprise Manager Console eg: http://localhost:8888/em/
  2. Select the Applications Tab
  3. Select Deploy Button
  4. On the "Deploy: Select Archive" page use the option "Archive is present on local host. Upload the archive to the server where Application Server Control is running." Use the file browse to select the fop.war file and click "Next" button
  5. On the "Deploy: Application Attributes" page set the "Application Name" option to "fop" and clear the "Context Root " option and click "Next" Button
  6. On the Deploy: Deployment Settings click the "Deploy" button

Well, my EM has no Applications Tab, so I figure what it meant was the Applications "tab" under the EnterpriseManager0. I click on the Applications "tab" but can find no "Deploy" button.

I'm stumped as to where to go next. The APEX application server doesn't seem to have OC4J running (and I can't seem to get EMGC to see that I have an Oracle Application Server running on that box, but that is a separate issue).

So, before I spend a couple of days chasing my tail and/or waiting for Support to get back to me, I figured I would pose the question here: Has anyone gotten APEX printing to work? Am I thinking incorrectly that I can use the EM OC4J to accomplish this?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Peacock
Database Administrator
Auto-wares, Inc.

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