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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:22:24 -0400
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Please check with you vendor first if MF Cobol is compatible /certified with 11g.

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Subject: compilers and oracle 11g

Hi Everyone,
Kinda off topic.
We are installing a new compiler for Cobol Microfocus on our HP-UX 11.23 and Oracle We are on Itanium 64 bit. We have the option of installing 32bit or 64 bit Microfocus v5.0  

I was going to make an SR, but thought i'd get a quicker response from the list.

This is the SQLPLUS banner:
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Fri Mar 19 09:05:31 2010 Copyright (c) 1982, 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

it says 64bit, but, to tell the truth, i never really looked into what's installed... which compiler should we install? 32bit or 64bit Microfocus? i want to say 64bit especially since it's Itanium... but, i'm not sure, or what's certified/recommended. I could only find a Metalink Doc that says Micro v5.0 is certified with on HP-uX Itanium. Nothing about bit.

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