Re: 11.2: how to recover from corrupt ASM spfile?

From: Andreas Piesk <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 00:06:48 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Andreas Piesk schrieb:
> now i have to figure out, how to change the profile without ASM. ASMCMD can change the profile but
> needs a running ASM instance :(

ok, i figured it out. here's what i did to remove the spfile reference from the profile and get ASM running again:

  • stop crs on all nodes

# crsctl stop crs -f

  • remove signature from profile.xml (backing up profile.xml might be a good idea)

$ cd gpnp/rac11r2-1/profiles/peer

$ gpnptool unsign -p=profile.xml -ovr -o=profile.xml

  • change attribute SPFILE to SPFILE="" in profile.xml
  • sign profile.xml

$ gpnptool sign -p=profile.xml -ovr -o=profile.xml -w=file:../../wallets/peer -rmws

  • start crs in exclusive mode on one node

# crsctl start crs -excl

  • ASM starts again, create a new spfile from saved pfile, this updates the profile too

ASM> create spfile='+DATA' from pfile='/tmp/pfile';

  • stop crs again and start it normally
  • start crs on all other nodes, the new changed profile will be propagated to them


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