Re: flash it back then roll it forward(pitr)

From: Patrick O'Brien <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 08:41:36 -0800
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Good to know about the flash forward until; thanks!

What commands/processes did you use?
This is what I did and I had problems. Any thoughts?

Shutdown immediate;
startup mount;
FLASHBACK DATABASE TO TIMESTAMP timestamp'2010-03-01 09:41:49'; alter database open resetlogs;

SQL> RECOVER database until time '2010-03-01:09:42:38'; ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors ORA-19907: recovery time or SCN does not belong to recovered incarnation      

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Hello Patrick,

Been testing flashback a bit recently so when I saw your email thought I would test. Tested this with on linux, and yep you definitely can flashback and then roll forward, I did a recover database until change to roll forwards again.

As Freek pointed to open read-write a flashed back database you need a resetlogs, but of course you can open read-only without this.

Once you have flashed back you can even use flashback database to "flash forward" and undo your flashback.


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> Hello Oracle users,
> is it possible to flashback a database then turn around and roll it forward
> using a pitr process?
> thank you!
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