Re: Catalog RMAN backups on Tape?

From: Thomas Roach <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:45:24 -0500
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Thanks Robert,

This is NetBackup 6.5 and Oracle

I see the tapes as full in NB. I want to restore the RMAN backups to the file system where I can catalog them there, but I do not see how to do that because I cannot see the backups? I see regular backups, but Oracle seems to be treating differently and NB doesn't let you see them. Does anyone have experience with this? May have to reach out to NB with help on this one.

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 2:36 PM, Robert Freeman <>wrote:

> The catalog command does not support SBT devices (at least in 11g and 10g
> and I think going back forever). So you can't re-catalog the backup pieces.
> Also there is no guarantee that the tapes won't be marked as deleted on the
> catalog of the tape system, so you might have double trouble there.
> If it's a BIG deal, you could get an older control file from before the
> crosscheck to use for restore purposes. It should still have the records in
> it for the backups. Hopefully the pieces are still there and not marked as
> deleted on the silo catalog.
> If you know the backup set pieces on the tape devices are intact, you can
> write PL/SQL code to access them. This becomes a bit complex (I used to have
> to do it all the time in the Oracle 8 days for various reasons). Metalink
> used to have articles on how to do this.
> Automating the delete after the crosscheck is dangerous when you are using
> SBT...... :)
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> Hi,
> We had an issue with one of our scripts where it did a crosscheck and
> because our tapes weren't in the cabinet, they got marked and removed. I
> know how to catalog backups that are on disk, but is anyone aware of the
> steps for doing tapes?
> Thanks,
> Tom

Thomas Roach

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